With over 25 years of experience in the assessment of national and international companies, Estudio REBAUDI stands out for providing bespoke and highly-specialized services.
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The Firm

Dynamic scenarios require companies to adopt practical and unique legal solutions, especially designed in accordance with each client’s needs and circumstances. We understand that practicing Law entails customized relationships and immediate response, by properly offering assessments for the prevention of conflicts and resorting to over-the-court and court tools minimizing costs and maximizing business benefits.

We strongly believe that having a deep knowledge of our Clients’ culture and values is paramount, strongly committing to act for the efficient advocacy of their interests. Our service is based upon Professionalism, Ethics and Accountability.

Along this line, we have been able to build a long-lasting and close relationship with our Clients, who emphasize on one of the fundamental assets of our work: our Reliability.


Legal Assessment

We believe that the best legal service involves the avoidance of conflicts; therefore, we focus on their prevention by means of giving proper professional assessment at the time required.


We assist our clients with the preparation and review of contracts entered into with their suppliers, clients and employees, by personally participating in negotiation rounds, if necessary.

Out-of-court proceedings

We participate in all out-of-court proceedings necessary to settle our clients’ conflicts; namely, negotiations with other companies, employees, or public or private entities.

Legal Representation

We represent our clients in all sorts of litigation, as claimant or defendant in Commercial, Labor, Civil and Administrative Jurisdictions.

Labor and Social Security Law

We provide a comprehensive service covering all needs and matters related to Labor and Social Security Law. With wide experience in the matter, we offer bespoke support to our clients, tailored to meet their concrete needs, thus foreseeing potential conflicts. On a permanent basis, we assist Human Resources specialists and keep them up-to-date on the current legislation that may be relevant for the industry.

Corporate Law

We assist national and international clients with the organization, maintenance and adaptation of business organizations, civil associations and foundations, taking care of all proceedings necessary to comply with the formal requirements set forth by legislation in force.

Credit Collection

With wide experience in credit collection, the firm has representatives in several cities of the country.

Suppliers Audits

By means of a software specifically developed for this service, we manage a control and audit system for our clients’ suppliers, aimed at verifying due compliance with their labor and social security obligations.

Intellectual Property and Technology

For 25 years, we have been assessing and assisting important companies in the technology field, thus acquiring a well-known position.



“I have been working with Fernando Rebaudi for 20 years. He has always been a great partner of our Legal Department at Hewlett Packard. I very much appreciate his pragmatism and flexibility while adapting to his clients’ needs. His professional performance is excellent and he is a great human being.”

Regional Counsel Latin America South

“We have found in Fernando Rebaudi and all his staff a team of highly-skilled professionals in Labor Law, always up-to-date in case law and providing a correct application of the legislation in force.
Additionally, and as an outstanding aspect, I believe that friendliness towards clients certainly adds value. The customized service offered by Fernando and his team brings a great added-value to his work and certainly makes them stand out from other legal firms, offering immediate response on issues of utmost importance to clients like us, with large working teams and in need of urgent assistance.
Quality assessment, friendliness, promptness, and excellence…”

Manager Business Process Services for Latin America South

“After 15 years of team work, Fernando Rebaudi and myself have built a solid and reliable relationship.”
“His commitment and professional responsibility were evident since the moment his assistance was required.”
“It is a pleasure to count with the legal support provided by Estudio Rebaudi.”


“Mr. Fernando Rebaudi has been the lawyer for my technology companies for the past 15 years,
We have received from his firm a professional service of excellence, based on pragmatism, sensitivity, honesty, empathy and efficiency.
It is without a doubt that I recommend his services.“


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